Project Results

Here you can find the project results according to EuNIT workplan.

Practical Placements | May 2018

All 8 practical placements have been successfully completed. The placements enabled all 24 selected trainers to put into practice their knowledge gained during the cooperation and research training sessions.

Cooperation and research training sessions | December 2017

All 8 training sessions have been successfully completed. 24 selected trainers from Jordanian, Lebanese and Libyan universities have participated in the training delivered by Aix-Marseille University, University of La Sapienza, University of Split, UNIMED, University of Nice, University of Barcelona, University of Messina and the University of Santiago de Compostela.

These training sessions covered cooperation and research European programs.

Needs Analysis

The needs analysis which was conducted prior to the start of the project was validated during the kick off meeting in Marseille. The analysis has enabled to assess the level of awareness of EU projects in partner countries. It will serve as a point of reference for training purposes and enable to measure the progress made over the duration of the project.

EuNIT Needs Analysis Report (PDF)