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EuNIT represented at the General Assembly of the Tethys Network

In April, the Tethys Network held its Annual general assembly, hosted by the University of La Sapienza in Rome.

The Tethys Network is a consortium of Euro-Mediterranean Universities that aims to create dialogue between the two shores of the Mediterranean and more concretely, develop common projects.

The EuNIT consortium was very well represented for the majority of the project partners are members of the network. This event was a great opportunity to reunite after last year’s EuNIT mid-term meeting, which was also hosted by the University of La Sapienza.

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Internal training sessions at Yarmouk University

Four internal training sessions and workshops took place at Yarmouk University during March and April 2019. Around 20 faculty members from the different faculties (Engineering, Medicine, Art, Fine-art, etc.) attended the sessions.

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Forum of directors of international cooperation offices and presidents of Libyan Universities

The International Cooperation Office of the University of Zawia arranged and hosted the first Forum of directors of international cooperation offices and presidents of the Libyan Universities. The forum focused on the importance of International offices in Libyan universities and their participation in Erasmus+ KA2 and H2020 projects.

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EuNIT mid-term meeting at La Sapienza University, Rome

On the 16th and 17th of April, all EuNIT partners met at La Sapienza University in Rome for the mid-term meeting of the project.

On this occasion, 41 representatives from all partner universities came together to discuss the progress of the project activities and to decide on next steps.

Two main elements of progress were discussed. Firstly, the completion Work Package 2, which in turn symbolises the completion of the training programme. Secondly, the soon-to-be completed guidebook (Work Package 1) which will serve as a useful tool when partner universities from Jordan Libya and Lebanon will set up their European project design and management units.

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