Three research training sessions out of four have been completed during the month of October. The first was carried out by Aix-Marseille University, which hosted future trainers from Princess Sumaya University for Technology and Misurata University, the second by La Sapienza University hosting future trainers from Yarmouk University and Tripoli University and the most recent was carried out by Split University, which hosted colleagues from Antoine University and from the University of Balamand.

The final research training session will be by UNIMED for Saint-Joseph University and the University of Zawia in November.

Feedback from future trainers has so far been very positive, who have all been highly motivated and receptive to European programmes such as Horizon 2020 and are looking forward to getting involved in projects under European research programmes!

Once all research training sessions have been completed, it will be time to begin preparations for the practical placements. All future trainers will be able to apply their new competences, working directly within European universities’ project management departments.

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