Aleksandra Banic and Ana Cosic represented University of Split (UNIST) in performing a task foreseen in the EuNIT project workplan, where project partners from Programme Countries visit a higher education institution from Partner Countries. The task was to evaluate and assess the established unit for EU project design and management at Yarmouk University (YU) in Irbid, Jordan YU team, led by professor Haythem Bany Salameh, PhD, prepared very well for the visit. As an introduction, visitors heard about general organization of the university and structure of the services corresponding to the organized units formed at YU, followed later by a detailed insight into their work. For the purpose of evaluation, UNIST team used a ‘’Roadmap for EU project design and management units’ assessment’’, previously developed in the project as a framework. UNIST team also witnessed practical examples of practice in the premises, having an opportunity to talk to employees and get acquainted with their scope of work and their daily tasks as well.

Well organized services, properly maintained equipment purchased in the project, marked with all visibility labels, internal rules and practices introduced to enhance international and project activities, and generally international friendly environment – all of this make YU rather a nominee for a EuNIT success story.

Added value of the meetings were the discussions of current and possible cooperation and projects. Therefore, after the official end of the visit, UNIST team met Dr. Ali Al-Sawalmih, Director of the Marine Science Station (MSS), an inter-university research station of YU and the University of Jordan, located in Aqaba, for the cooperation in the field of marine ecology and biology. Naturally, this was a good opportunity to widen the impact of EuNIT project beyond the partnership and even after its completion.

The visit took place in April 2019

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