A member from Yarmouk University visited the structure and the main sub-divisions of the University of Barcelona project design and management units.

The tasks related to the Project design and management at the University of Barcelona are divided between three units that collaborate in the accomplishment of the objectives. These three services are:

International Project’s Office (Vice-Rector for Outreach and Internationalization)

  • Management of Research projects that finance the European commission
  • Disperse information
  • Support to the preparation of application (application forms and budget)
  • Assume the responsibility of Economic management (budget control, expense payments)
  • Elaboration of economic reports

Research Management Office (Vice-Rector for Research)

  • Design and management of the research information system.
  • Production and publication of information regarding research and grant calls.
  • Management of UB and external research calls.
  • Assessment of incoming research personnel in UB faculties and schools.
  • Provision of assessment to research units on guidelines, working procedures and the use of research databases.
  • Delivery of reports and studies using the database.
  • Provision of support in the creation of research centres and institutes, and related institutions.
  • Responsibility for the maintenance of relations with non-UB institutions.
  • Management of the budget for the Offices of the Vice-Rectors in the Area of Research, in accordance with the guidelines established by each office and by the Research Management budget.
  • Coordination with the UB Group to incorporate UB Group members’ research data in the university’s GREC platform.

International Mobility and Programs Office (Vice-Rector for Academic Organization)

  • Coordinate International Programs included in the Erasmus+ Program.

Support to the UB Board of Governors, teaching staff, administrative units and services in the

  • assessment of different areas of international interest.
  • Support to schools, faculties and departments in matters relating to the arrangement of student exchange programs and international learning agreements.
  • Coordination of the administrative and economic management of international grant programs.
  • Responsibility for representing the UB in activities conducted with international organizations.
  • Management of student and researcher mobility as this derives from the UB’s international activity.

The aim of the observation period is to enable for partners from Jordan, Lebanon and Libya to understand how such units are structured in European universities and analyse whether the structure can be replicated in their home university. It is an important process of capacity building and exchange of good practices to help the southern partners establish their units in the soundest way possible.


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