The University of Barcelona hosted the Practical Placement, from March 12th to 16th, in which three representatives of Misurata University (Libya) participated. These representatives are being trained in order to run the European project design and management units.

At the University of Barcelona, the tasks related to project design and management are divided between three different units that collaborate in the accomplishment of these objectives. The three representatives of Misurata University visited and worked with the different units of the UB involved in the following fields:

  • International Development Service: coordination, international relations, networks,…
  • International Project’s Office: Management of Research projects that finance the European commission
  • Research Management Office: Design and management of the research information system.
  • International Mobility and Programs Office: Mobility and cooperation projects.
  • Barcelona Science Park (PCB): One of the leading European ecosystems in research, technology transfer and innovation in life sciences.
  • International projects management at Faculty level


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