Four internal training sessions and workshops took place at Yarmouk University during March and April 2019. Around 20 faculty members from the different faculties (Engineering, Medicine, Art, Fine-art, etc.) attended the sessions. The different sessions were organized and delivered by the cell-coordinator and the 3 selected trainers who participated in the EuNIT trainings. The trainers developed their own training material based on what they learned in the EU partner universities.

The aim of the internal sessions was to inform Yarmouk university staff members about the activities of the EU project design and management unit, implemented within the International project and foreign relations office at Yarmouk university. The session also aimed at encouraging them to participate in the different EU project initiatives, providing hands-on experience and information on how to prepare a successful EU proposal. The staff members were also informed that the project management department is available to provide help in getting information and guidance in regards to European projects and programs.

Click here to download PDF Erasmus + workshop

The topics covered in the different training sessions were:

  • General overview of EuNIT Project
  • Erasmus+ CBHE Proposal writing/design guidelines
  • Practical exercise on Erasmus+ CBHE Proposal writing/design
  • Erasmus+ CBHE Project Management guidelines (Administrative and financial)
  • Practical exercise on Erasmus+ CBHE Project Management (EuNIT project as a practical example)
  • Open discussion and brainstorming for possible proposals for next year call


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